The compute servers are all running CentOS Linux version 7.x (at the time of this writing version CentOS 7.8).

Application Software

In addition to a wide variety of packages that are part of CentOS, also several application software packages for scientific and high-performance computing are installed. These additional software packages are installed as so-called environment modules and require the use of the module command to be loaded into the environment, before they can be executed. Through environment modules, multiple variants or versions of the same kind of software can be installed concurrently, and users can select to load a specific version (or stick with the default). The selection syntax is package/version.Example:

module load matlab/R2017a

will load the 2017a release of matlab, while omitting the version:

module load matlab

will load the default 2012a version. For a full list of modules and versions, type:

module avail

Licensed Software

The compute server hosts a number of licensed software packages for uses where the resource requirements (CPU time or RAM) exceed what is available on desktops and laptops, or where personal licenses are too expensive. Available are:

  • Gaussian
  • Intel C, C++, and Fortran compilers and performance libraries for Linux
  • Magma
  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Matlab
  • Stata
Intel Parallel Studio STATA maple 16 Mathematica 9 MATLAB

Open Source Software Packages

In addition to licensed software packages, a selection of Open Source software packages are installed as modules as well. Available are:

  • GNU compiles in several versions
  • Java in several versions
  • Python 3.x (CentOS has Python 2.7 as default)
  • R in several versions with selected CRAN packages preinstalled
  • Sage math
  • Scala compiler and interpreter
  • Apache Spark (in standalone mode)